• Over the 18 years I’ve known him, Robert has done wonders for my back and sciatica pain. I came to him with severe lower back pain on the recommendation of a friend of a friend. I’d been wearing a ‘belt’ for months, was in constant discomfort, and could not even bend down to pick up my cat’s dish without significant pain.

    I had already tried standard Western medicine, several kinds of physical therapy, several chiropractors, and an MD who did acupuncture. Nothing made a dent. But after six weeks of shiatsu massage with Robert, my back pain was virtually gone. I continued to see Robert for a while, and learned enough about the pressure points to avoid future problems; my back has *never* given me any more trouble.

    He’s also done a wonderful job recently with my tight iliotibial band problem. I’ve recommended many friends to Robert, and can never thank him enough for all his help. (I should add that after my back pain left me, I was able at age 50 to take up swing dancing…which I still do at 68.) May I also say that when he uses the Tibetan bowls, the sound is just beautiful – like being underwater or in outer space…or perhaps both simultaneously.


  • Robert is very thoughtful and thorough in his treatment. He asks very specific questions and explains their relevance. He has adjusted the acupuncture to my changing needs throughout my pregnancy in order to relieve tightness in my back, improve my circulation and reduce the overall stress in my body. I believe this has improved my overall health.

    J Hanson

  • I have been seeing Robert for about 3 years, I feel great after a session. I have been having back pain that comes and goes, it may be associated with a sciatic nerve. Robert is genuinely concerned about his patients and asks questions about my health and diet, so that he may improve my wellness. All I know is that he is well worth the trip to see him. Nice and relaxing technique.

    Ron S

  • I've been seeing Robert since June and I've been feeling better with my back pain. Robert is very friendly and besides the needles and cupping, he also gives you an adjustment that feels very good. when I am finished with my session I feel much better .I recommend Robert Giordano as an acupuncturist.

    Robert Alini

  • I've been a patient of Giordano now approximately 5 or 6 years. I've had mercury poisoning which lead to neurological complications. I have to say that getting acupuncture with Giordano has improved the areas of numbness and increased blood flow on my lower extremities. He listens carefully, is patient and explains his course of action with the needles. Visiting him is like seeing a masseur, chiropractor and acupuncturist all-in-one.

    Marcus Issac

  • Robert Giordano's treatments have been very effective in helping me relieve pain. Robert is very pleasant, knowledgeable, understanding, and patient with me. I am most impressed at how he knows exactly where the source of my pain is! I think it can be difficult to trust someone to stick needles in you or cup your skin especially when you are face down as I am. However, I trust Robert and have gotten great results with him. Thanks Robert!

    Dana Eaves

  • A great experience. I was anxious going in and totally satisfied coming out. I recommend Robert to anyone who is in need of quality care from a quality practitioner!

    Robert Seligman, D.C.